It may take awhile

For lies to become truths

and truth, epiphany

For journeys to become destinations

and a destination, one's destiny

For hopes to become dreams

and dreams, reality

For reality to become a farce

and farce, a nightmare

Keep at it though, you'll get there...


Feeling the weight of truly not knowing, today...

What was your plan at twenty? Is God laughing?

Try comedy. You're a natural.

Not me though... Not a natural at anything. Not even at bird watching.

It is interesting, watching birds watching ... the sunset?

There was this wi...

You are the artist.

Find the antidote.


Inspired by Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"


I thought Q-tips, true white

tar 'n' coal, true black

Eighteen seemed like yesterday

twenty-one, oh so far away

Smiling came easy

naivety, crowned breezy

Days dragged on

nights longingly held on

Tightly to that gritty sweet fleeting thin'

that pulsed with no rhythm--no rhym... make believe.

Where we say no, and pretend we are heard, respected, valued.

                                                                                                                             A kind of haven, sanctuary, womb....

Oh where do I begin? It's been a while...

September, the warmest month in California... Makes me dream of travelling

Random sights... En Paris

Locks bridge


Never forget... #holocaust (Jewish museum in Paris, France)

#holocaust Memorial... The names... All those p...

Ireland, I miss you.

On a cloudy day (today, in Los Angeles, California) I find myself reminiscing about my trip to Dublin a few years ago. Christmas time. Wish I stayed through Christmas, but I already had a plane ticket to London  and a room in a hostel  in the Dockla...

Moments like this make me feel...

 On a drive (with my beau) through the mountains.

Heading from wintery New York...

 to sunny California.

 Moments like these make me feel...

Cheers :D


Nature has it's many varing sides.

It's cruel. It's kind. It's unpredictable. Spontaneous.

But best of all, flaws and all, Nature is beautiful.

~Aimiende Negbenebor Sela©2015

 Cheers :D


Do not envy those out there living life to the fullest, while you sit here cuddling regret.

~Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

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