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Truth in Storytelling...

So I'm working on my first feature length script - A Day In The Life of Who and it's intense.

Some time early last year, a group of amazingly talented actors and crewmen came together, voluntaring their time and talent, to help shoot a test/potential promo scene from the script - A quirky scene that takes place on a New York City Subway.

Needless to say, it was an incredible experience. Both daunting and pleasing. Through it all however, this talented cast of actors - Kevin (Mr. Moviefone) , Melissa, Kimberly, Smantha, Damien, Mark, Cassandra, and Adelina, as well as the amazing crew - Kyle, Jared, Brian, and UdoR were fully supportive and gave 100%. Why?

Since the completion of that shoot, in early 2014, the script has undergone some serious rewriting following a few table and stage readings. The scene that was shot on the subway remains in the script untouched, thankfully; and once the clip's been fully edited, a sample will be shared with both the cast and crew - who'd like a copy of their hard work (my apologies for the delay guys. Life happened...) and you (anyone wanting to see it.)

Why do you think it is that creatives shed so much blood, sweat, tears, and expend so much energy in creating work? Many times for little to no monetary pay, even when they don't need it for their resume or portfolio of work. Why?

I'm a model, an actor, a writer-filmmaker (yes, I'm going for the slashy awards :)) and I have and sometimes still do work for little to no pay... Many creatives are taken advantage of because of this; and it haunts me constantly. Not why people take advantage - that's an easy one - it's because they can, most times. Some times, it's because they have no choice and could really use the help. Other times, it's a collaboration and all parties involved hope/stand to benefit from the collaboration. Still I ask Why? Why do they (we) do it?...

Facebook - I love this shot of Marissa (Frieda)
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Cassandra, playing Lucy.jpg
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Marissa, playing Frieda.jpg
Facebook - Don't ask! lol!

You do what it takes to get the shot ;)

Facebook - Sound guy - Jared, A.jpgD.jpg - Kyle and D.jpgP.jpg - Brian checking
Facebook - Yikes! Why so intense huh? lol! Watching a shot in action and hoping
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