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a letter to mặt trời mọc

It's a round shiny ball of fire, you know? That beautiful piece of art that warms the heart and soul and whispers in one's ears "wake up." She caresses the frost off of every blade of grass, tickles the cold out of a squirrel's bones, kisses the snail out of his little shell: encouraging him to leave his trail of slime on the cold concrete sidewalk--it's time to search for food, she says.

She's painted a wondrous mural on the walls of the buildings across from me this morning...she does so everyday. I tell you, it's a sight to see.

She truly is the epitome of letting go, cause once the clock strikes twelve, she wipes it all away with a smile on her face that puts Mona Lisa's to shame. There isn't a creature in the known world that does not feel her grace, feel her warmth, feel her...she's kind of omnipresent after all.

She is known by many names, and she loves and responds to them all with the such grace, such ease, such power--like watching Michelangelo stroke across the Sistine least in my dreams.

Sol, サン, Sonne, خرشید, Sluníčko, حرارة الشمس, Rãnã, שמש, অঁজিষ্ণু, Eguzkia, 太阳, Panonpoé, ήλιος, Jua, सूर्य, ...

Thank you for choosing to shine today :)


Sunshine on Rails by Ray Cunningham

Photography by Ray Cunningham©

(Click photo above to visit his Flickr page)

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