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View from a window, Paris, France
Recent Works

Greek Philosophia and Chickens. Feeling invisible as a woman, a 60ish best-selling romance author hires an assassin to take out.

SAD, an Asian American Film Lab 72hr film and winner of the Most Original Use of Theme, follows a man plagued by social anxiety as he prepares for a night out in town with an old mischievous friend visiting from out of town.

As the Cookie Crumbles, a hopeful musical drama limited series, follows four individuals as they deal with loss in its many varied forms.


Hermit, an award-winning short. On a night that would've marked their eighteenth wedding anniversary, a grieving husband comes to terms with the loss of his soulmate.


Utopia, surreal drama, an award-winning short film about a woman who wakes up from a coma in Uganda.

Blind Date, romantic comedy, a short film about a missed encounter between two people.

A Day in the Life of Who, drama, an award-winning short film about a woman who witnesses the murder of a homeless man and discovers the killer is her long-lost brother.

Aimiende Negbenebor Sela is a Writer-Director of Nigerian descent, raised by a Jewish-Israeli family from the Bronx, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her award-winning short films have screened at numerous festivals across the world, and her feature screenplays have placed in several competitions including AFF, Screencraft Film Fund, Cinestory, and the top 15% at Nicolls; her latest screenplay, Utopia, made it to the second round at the 2018 Sundance Writer’s Lab.


Growing up as that kid glued to The Sound of Music, back in Nigeria, to the adult now dazzled by the complexity of the characters in 12 Angry Men, films have always helped Aimiende make sense of the world. As a result, her work interrogates the human condition, but with empathy; as she truly believes we all live the same lives, we’re just colored differently. Her production company, Sela Films LLC, was born out of this belief in order to help push the boundaries of innovation, inclusion, diversity, and creativity with a focus on humanism.

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