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Director Statement

As a writer and a filmmaker, I am drawn to the inner conflicts that influence our actions as human beings. I observe people make decisions and watch their faces betray their uncertainties. I see good people do awful things; watch as victims decide to stop being victims, and I’m blown away by the inner strength that comes pouring out of them. In each case, I’ve wondered what it took to get them there.

I volunteered at a shelter in New York City many years ago, now (before my move to Los Angeles), and the people I met (from those who have always had nothing, to people who lost everything) filled me with such appreciation for the human spirit. This, of course, is in addition to my experience growing up in a developing country. In light of more recent world events, I find myself thinking about those nights at the shelter and reaffirming my goal to bring a little bit of the hope I saw in the residents’ eyes to my work.

I do not see myself, however, as a crusader for a cause or social justice. I see myself as a filmmaker “with an eye for humanism,” quoting a fellow filmmaker's observation of my work. There is nothing pretty about hurt, but the hope that shines through in spite of it is simply brilliant. That is what I aim to share in my work – hope. I draw visual inspiration from all that’s around me and from the filmmakers whose work I admire.

My goal as a writer-director is to, hopefully soon, join the list of writers and directors whose work I love, and to somehow give a voice to those (like me once upon a time) who feel voiceless; to play my own small part in bringing up the number of working women filmmakers in the industry, and share a bit of how I see the world in the process.


ABC Network Presentation - Suicide Awareness & Prevention

A powerful and intimate look at 2 strong military men who were willing to share their darkest thoughts in a vulnerable and authentic way. That is compelling in itself. The arc of this story begins with the problem; suicide and people who contemplated it. The middle fleshes out their stories and adds the story of a surviving spouse. The end offers a holistic approach to dealing with the depression and ptsd that happens to military people entering civilian life.

Hide and Seek


A Widower comes to terms with the loss of his soulmate on a night that would have marked their eighteenth wedding anniversary.


A young woman wakes up from a coma in Uganda. And, no, nothing is as it seems.

(proof of concept for a feature-length film.

To request a pitch deck for the feature, please send an inquiry.)

A Day in the Life of Who

On the day Lucy finalizes her arrangements to return to N. Korea in search of her long-lost brother, she discovers that he's been living in the same city as she this whole time...

Blind Date

Allie and Matt are going on a good ol' fashion (aka old school) blind date. What could possibly go wrong?

For more work by Aimiende, visit her production company @selafilms

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