Trust me, it is!

This has essentially been me the past...oh... Yeah, forever, actually. But, even more so the past few weeks.

Why? Thanks for asking.

Because I launched a fundraiser for the latest project on the Sela Films slate on IFundWomen!

I have been working my huge t...

Where to begin...?

It's been a little over 150 days since the novel Corona virus reared its ugly head, and along with it so much of our ugly side as humans surfaced with such a made my head (it's still spinning, by the way.) But, it's also been wonderful...

For those of you that missed it, I wrote an article for Talk House Magazine that I'd love to share with you!

I was invited to write something in relation to the uprising that essentially resulted from the murder of George Floyd on May 25th. This is what I can up with. E...

Between the lockdown due to Covid-19 and the curfews due to the riots resulting from the killing of unarmed people of color by the police, I'd say the people in my immediate world -- the U.S. of A. are definitely navigating some seriously rough terrain. This is not to...

A gentleman sat at a table and wrote a letter.

The table was round, wooden, small, a little piece of black paint chipped off its right side edge...

The man sipped his coffee; read his letter.

After he was finished, he got up, pocketed his pen, and walk away.

He left the le...

When we hold questions in our minds that never make it out of our mouths, what becomes of us? When we think thoughts we share freely in spaces not so free, what becomes of us? When we take actions not congruent with our beliefs simply because we were not thinking or we...

Whoa! Mississippi.

Goddam, I came to you full and left you hungry!

Not in a bad way, honie. Not in a bad way.

Thanks for the love, the history lessons, all the feelings... So many feelings. 

You scared me, you loved me, you shocked me, you opened me up, you broke my heart,...

One in particular left a mark.

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix for a screening of my short film, Utopia, at the 2019 Phoenix Film Festival. What an amazing festival this is! Great films, sold out shows, great people, panels, and warmth everywhere... I was and fel...

This time of year, this specific day out of a whole year, out the 365 days that make a year what it is tends to bring with it a shit ton of emotions for me. I imagine it does the same for a number of you too.

Why is that?

We think about our days, everyday I imagine; so w...

Based on a prompt: Two Best Friends are Baristas :)

It was a morning like any other: a long line of morning commuter rail commuters--heads tilted back, eyes on the overhead board, read the list of today's coffee house specials. Coffeehouse music blares out of overhead s...

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