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What a year...

It began full of hope for many of us, I believe, then literal shit hit the fan and it got on EVERYBODY. Some more than others, but shit got on everyone. And, then our true colors came out -- boy, did it come out. In some ways, good; and in others, bad doesn't begin to describe it. If there's one thing I learned from the events of this past year, 2020, it's this -- "we don't know shit."

Yup. That.

Oh, and -- I'm in the entertainment industry, but I think this is true for just about any work of life -- "you need money, or you need friends. If you've got both, you've won the lottery (aka you're golden.)"

But, I digress... :)

Taking a look back at 2020 for me in a nutshell (well, more like in screengrabs from social media), I have to remind myself to be grateful because it truly is easy to slip into a discontent and complacency, or flat out envy/jealousy... Life is hard, period. So, we always have to reserve time to take stock, remember to be grateful, be kind to ourselves (something my husband and I need to work hard on consistently), and be empathetic and kind to others.

Here are some of the highlights for me. Some of them are reminders of achievements, like being honored by my alma mater with a Distinguished Alumni in Arts and Humanities Award (though the ceremony was cancelled due to Covid); or being granted the opportunity to pen an article for TalkHouse Magazine. While other moments were humbling -- they broke my heart completely.

There are many of such moments as described above, good/bad/happy/sad, of course, but I'm lazy so... :)

Looking back today at the year that did not go quietly into that good night! Like, for real! I have had to remind myself of these things, of the love I have in my life, of how lucky I am, of the things I did in fact managed to accomplish, or the new found friendships, the support of the women (and men) in my life..., because I tell you -- it felt like the Covid hit the pause button on 2020 to say something, right quick, and totally forgot to hit play after it was done yapping.

I imagine that I am not alone in feeling this way and from what I've seen on social media, lots of us are like bye, Felicia to 2020. Some have even taken it upon themselves to give 2021 instructions on how to fix her mess and make this one a good year, cause... Well, ________________fill in the blank.

It's been two days since the curtains went down on 2020. I don't know what the future (i.e. a nanosecond from now) holds. My hope, my wish for us all, is that we find a new way of being. A way that's inclusive, that puts others on the the same level as I. A way that has enough room for shrewdness and kindness, that allows for the capacity to love oneself and others. A way that allows for setting boundaries and being welcoming, possessing strength and vulnerability, for discernment and empathy, for forgiveness, for togetherness cause if there is anything that's going to make "things" better, you best believe it involves -- hell, it demands -- togetherness.

Time to get off my soapbox :)

Thank you for being so giving of your time. It is precious, and I appreciate it.

Be well. Be safe. May this new year be sweet.


Aimi :D

ya know it ~ sharing is caring... "you are a story worth loving"

Grab your tee today!


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