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A Look Back to Look Forward






It's funny how time goes by. I know this, and yet, I'm surprised when I realize that it's done this... gone by.

Today is Valentine's Day in the U.S. and the year is 2023. It's been a while since I sat here to share thoughts and time with you. Thank you for stopping by. I would promise to begin posting consistently, but I would be lying to you if I said that. I can promise to try to... and that would be true.

Trying is an element of behavior I admire. It's funny how I didn't realize that it's something I live by and hold very dear... the idea of trying, until it was spelled out for me by someone who knows me well. I always say (according to my husband, the love of my life) to him and everyone, including or rather, especially to myself -- "try." If you try and you fail, at least you know you tried and learned that that thing you tried wasn't the way. So, now, you can try something else.

But, please, don't forget to grieve any loss that comes from a failed attempt at anything.

Ah! Yes. We all (actually, I don't subscribe to this notion) but in the vein of generalizing... we all admire the "strong" type. The one that laughs when they want to cry. The one that keeps quiet when they want to scream. The one that goes quietly into that goodnight so you don't have to feel responsible for them... We admire the one that suffers silently, so we can pretend that life does not require of us to be present. In this moment. With these "feelings."

I know, what a dirty word! Feelings. Well, like it or not, you have them. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven that your feelings and actions actually carry more weight that your "power of logic" or ability for "being rational" or "thinking things through." You feel and act before you "think." It's innate. Biological. True. So chill. It's ok to feel aaaaaaalllllllll of that.

Try. If you fail and a loss results from it, grieve. Then, let the process of letting go (because it is a process) happen and try something else or try at that thing again if it's your path, your welcomed destiny.

Now that that's out of the way...


This wonderful day where everyone is encouraged to feel things like love, and her cousin, lust (aka hot & bothered), and while you're at it, to spend like crazy because that's the only way to show these feelings... What? You think I made this sh*t up? Nah, nope. Google it. Do it. Type Valentine's Day in the search bar and see what comes up.

PS: if you haven't figured out what you're doing with your love or lust one by the time you read this blog and you have read this far into the post and have done the Google search I just asked you to do, you're welcome -- cause I just helped you come up with a million Valentine's Day ideas.

Me, I forgot that Valentine's Day was this week.

I don't know if the hubby thought about it either..., I suspected that he forgot too, but then he brings me the most beautiful bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate for good measure :D

I forgot.

Kind of like how him and I both forgot that it was Super Bowl Sunday this past Sunday. I'm not sure if this lapse in memory surrounding these "big events and holidays" is due to me getting older or me essentially being a hermit or me just being disconnected from the world around me in a way, but the good news is that I accidentally celebrated Valentine's Day this weekend with the hubby!

Yup. We went our for a nice brunch at a local place we love. We got pedicures because I am that girl who makes her husband join her in doing these things, don't judge. Or, you know what? Go ahead and judge while I sit here enjoying the view! LOL. He has some really beautiful toes! Then we went out for drinks and accidentally caught Rihanna's half time show performance. Next, we went to a comedy club and laughed our tushes off! Popped into a local Irish pub for fish and chips and pie (he had the pie), more drinks were had. Then we stumbled home yapping about nonsense, happy as pigs in sh*t. And, once home, I didn't have to wear the latest thready-entanglement aka lingerie (since he didn't buy me one because remember, we both somehow forgot about Valentine's Day this week.)

We had an amazing accidental Valentine's Day celebration. I think I'm going to try and forget Valentine's Day again next year and see what happens :D

As for you... Go try and have an amazing one, if you didn't have one already this weekend!

V Hugs,



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