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On Gratitude

It seems there's an art to being grateful, to feeling grateful, to expressing gratitude. I haven't mastered it, though I hope to. I think being grateful puts "life's things" into perspective.

Take for instance, life's unfairness:

If life wasn't unfair, where would I be?

The wonderful people that have come into my life (flaws and all), and stayed, and added so much value to it, may not be part my life.

The experiences I have had, and will have, may not be what they have been, or what they will be.

All I have in my life right now, in the little world that I exist in within this giant, giant world; all I have going for me at this moment are not so because I "deserve it."

They are not so because I'm a "nice person", a "good person", a "hardworking person", etc, etc.

I do not have good health, my nappy hair, my brown eyes that turn uber light in the sun, my dark brown skin that's at the moment covered in eczema, my physique, my crazy mind, my lovely bottom, my cute nails, my home, my education, Orlando, the love of my life, my family, my Aba, my talents, the list goes on, and on... I do not have all of these simply because I am me. It's because life is unfair. And, as hard of a pill that this is to swallow, looking at the world around me daily, I have to acknowledge this side of that coin, and say thank you.

I live in Sunny California, I'm a writer-filmmaker who is on her way to greatness, I'm in good health (though I need to work out :)) I have love in my life (of all kinds), I learn new lessons everyday, I'm still sensitive, I'm spared so much pain, everyday; and I am grateful.

If you have a moment, please share one thing you are grateful for today; with me, with yourself, with whomever you choose to share it with... It'll add a little light to your day, and to thiers. I promise.

With love,

Aimi :D

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