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Feature Length Screenplays

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The Pasta Maker

Learning of his brother's death as he begins to compete on an amateur cooking show, a Ghanaian chef is forced to confront the relationships he's chased after (trying to have what his brother had) while creating dishes with "mystery" ingredients.

Pasta Maker


The victim of a hate crime wakes up from a coma where she’d re-imagined a Utopian existence and now, finding herself at a deadly crossroad, is forced to choose between marrying her fiancé or coming out with her girlfriend.

A Day in the Life of Who

When her mom dies, Lucy's world is turned inside out and in order to set her world aright, she decides she'll return to N. Korea to find the brother she and her mom left behind when they defected, only to discover that he's been living in the same city as she this whole time...

A Day In The Life Of Who
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