Work Sample: from commercial and narrative acting to film making.

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Interactive Media

"In Your Dreams"

Field Guide To Lucid Dreaming

Created by Dylan Tuccillo

New York NY

Film Reel

Running Time: 2:56 min

Film Reel

Edited by Dylan Tuccillo

New York NY

Industrial Clip

Running Time: 0:30secs

Medical PSA

Sickle Cel Anemia: Face The Facts

New York, NY

Spec Commercial Clip

Running Time: 1:53 min

Louis Vitton Spec Ad

by Kyle O'Tain

Candlefly Productions

New York NY

Web Commercial Clip

Running Time: 2:37 mins


Mobile Payment Around the Globe

Web Commercial

TV Commercial Clip

Running Time: 30 secs

Evamor Water

Photography by Kent Meister Photography


Multi Platform Commercial Clip

Running Time: 60 secs

We RIse

University of Phoenix

National Commercial Campaign Ad


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Filmmaker: Writer/Director Reel

Running Time: 5mins

Extended Length Reel

Created from trailers and clips of produced short films

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