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Black-White Beginnings

~Draft from Jan 9th. Didn't get around to posting it... How time flies~

I see fire plays in my head as I write this.

The few films I've watched over the past few days nag me--

Women blamed for decisions involving a platera of people.

Children saved by good samaritans cursed for being "samaritans."

~How will you live with yourself when that child turns around and kills a "good" person? - What?!

What would you do if?... No one has the answer to that, but we pretend we do.

It gives us that sweet feeling of control, of a false thing called autonomy.

We fight hard for this false thing called autonomy, you see. Or is it free will?...

Now that's something you dare not question - free will. But I ask you, do we really have it?

If we do, wow! - We've certainly turned it into shit. Like serious horse dung shit. The kind you smell miles before you reach it's source. Shit.

Why? We're full of it. We free will shit on people. Everyone. Everywhere. Everyday. That's why.

Go ahead, speak. Let that watery diahrea flow right out of your mouth. It's soothing, see. Speak.

No, not that way. Speak like this - shit, shit, shit, shit. Yes, just like that. Shit.

I see fire plays in my head as I write this. No wait. I think that's Santa talking now.


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