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Discovering Acting During a Recession

Living it up somewhat in Hoboken, New Jersey, in the year 2006, I never imagined I'd soon lose my job working as a Solutions Analyst in Accenture; have to give up my sunny, cozy one bedroom apartment at 219 Park Avenue to move home to the Bronx, and begin working as a machinist in my dad's now closed machine shop.

This was September 2007.

I've since become a working model, an actor with a few credits under my belt; a screenwriter and filmmaker with one Award Winning Short Film (more like a teaser for a feature length film) to my name, and I now live in Playa Del Rey, CA with an amazingly loving and brilliant man.

This is January 2015.

Join me on a small journey through the years, and maybe as we travel, we'll make pit stops in the here and now... Just to check in... See where all this is headed.

Cheers (D)


Kiwi popsicle

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