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Over the years, like everyone else, I've had my share of heartbreaks... Some worse than others. Many, my own fault :) The ones I find hardest to digest, are the ones that I can't explain away. To myself, my dog (Orlando)... anyone. A lot of times, they are work or career related. Yes, romantic heartbreaks that plunge you into deep suicidal depression fall in that category too, but the ones that confuse me are work or rather career related ones.

I used to think if you worked hard, showed potential for growth, grew... did everything you were "supposed" to do to be the best you could be in your field, you succeeded.

Well, that's fantasy. Or is it?

I used to be terrified of this phenomenon in the corporate world - the politics, who you know, who you know who knows who knows who, and how much can you shine or not shine before you got in trouble. How many mistakes or rather what's considered mistakes by your superiors or competitors are you allowed before the rug's pulled from underneath you; and then I entered the entertainment business.

What am I doing? I scared shitless! (Forgive my French)

I fear I have no idea what I've gotten myself into, but, here I am... Here I am.

I can't turn back now so... Wish me luck! ;)

Cheers (D)


Release date: May 2013

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