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Dear World,

when your eyes flutter shut under the same skies as I, do you feel I ought to wake?

May I please sleep till a new day dawns with a BOOM!

where I burn bright, scattering flakes of dust...

Blue, black, red ... red.

Dear world,

when you dream under a blanket of midnight blues as I, do you dream of me?

Wrapped in remnants of lightning bolts gone rogue...

White, bright, red ... red.


and thick liquid oozes from that place where I birth you.

You, the black omen to condemn me.

You, the thunder at my feet.

You, cloaked in my glorious smear.

Red, dirty ... slimmy.

I ought to impale you, but I'm shattered.

See? Stunning shards sprinkled over ... ?

Oh, let me sleep till a new day dawns

With a BOOM!

~Aimiende Negbenebor Sela©2016

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