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An Ode To Change

There have been moments in my life I've feared I may have to live through... Moments when dying seemed easier -- plain and simple. How to go about dying on the other hand, not so much.

Funny thing though, I lived through them.

Cheers to change.

This morning, faced with a blank page and nothing to write about, I find myself reminded of a post I read on a friend's Facebook page last Saturday. I've shared it below. He is to say the least, an incredibly talented man, and I am so glad he has chosen to share his talent even when not doing so may have seemed easier -- plain and simple. How much are you willing to bet he's reading this going -- how to go about doing that! Well, not so much.

These past few months have been one of repeated self discovery. Yup, you heard that right. Repeated. Let me give you an analogy: I love my dad to bits. There's this thing he does that gets on my last nerve. This pattern he's locked in that makes you feel like you're caught in the twilight zone because you see it coming every single time from a mile a way. I know it. I think he knows it. But, without fail, one can literally count down the seconds to him repeating the same damn pattern, over and over again. Down to the very last detail. He's in his seventies.

Now, here I am. Standing in front of the fridge, reading my new year's resolutions for 2016 and I'm shaking my head -- it's the same damn list, both mentally and in ink, that I've made every damn moment of every damn year since I can remember (and my memory is nothing to write home about. I have no idea why I don't smoke pot) and I'm going: yeah, no. I haven't changed that. I haven't done that. Oh, and yeah, that one right there? Didn't happen. Maybe next year. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!

Change is good. I know it is. So why is it so damn hard? Even when I want to change...

Well, maybe there is nothing to change... Or, maybe next year.

In the meanwhile, here's Russell's beautiful story. Savor it, enjoy it. Let it warm your beautiful heart.

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