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Charlottesville, Virginia. August 12, 2017.

It's a hot day. A large screen TV blares news on Friday's rally and the counter-rally that's popped up in response. In a sticky brown leather lazy-boy that's seen better days, but loves it's sick owner nonetheless, White Boy leans back. His eyes squint a little, ears perk up a little, he shifts his weight a little...lets some of that standing fan's breeze sneak into that nether region there; cool off some of that hot heat sticky sweat.

You know how they say hot heat can drive a man stark freaking mad-crazy!? Yeah, one of those kinda hot days it is. Losing my fucking mind. These fucking people. If it wasn't for them, it'd be a nice cool day. I'd be relaxing, chilling with my boys, watching us do our thing: standing up for what's rightfully ours! Fucking cool weather stealing low lives. It's hot as hell today. Ma! Gonna take a drive, cool off some of this hot heat.

A massive butt sinks into the driver's hot seat. Charcoal gray door slams shut. Have you ever listened to a dodge challenger's engine rev up? It's sexy, but that's hot too. Right foot to the pedal, pedal to the metal, A.C. on full blast and you're cool-cruising baby.

If only the bastard drove head on into a two ton steel framed concrete wall.

Photos by Edu Bayer for The New York Times; Allison Wrabel and Ryan M. Kelly for Daily Progess via AP.

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