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Mississippi, Goddam.

Whoa! Mississippi.

Goddam, I came to you full and left you hungry!

Not in a bad way, honie. Not in a bad way.

Thanks for the love, the history lessons, all the feelings... So many feelings.

You scared me, you loved me, you shocked me, you opened me up, you broke my heart, you showed me things; I fell for you...and I didn't even really dance with you... 💃🏾🥰🥀❤🤣😆

Thank you Crossroads Film Festival for the lovely experience. So grateful🙏🏿 for the opportunity, the southern hospitality, the films, the panels, the camaraderie...

I met some beautiful folks here, Jackson💛

But, that storm though! Yikes. I thought I was never gonna make it out of Mississipi!

It took a few days, but I eventually made it home to my little guy 🐶

Cheers, #XFF.

Till next time, Mississippi 😉

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